Could you recommend some of your favorite Dyson/Kenzi fics? I would be much obliged! — Anonymous


Sadly, the Dyson/Kenzi ship does not get enough movement.

Here is my one and only Dyson/Kenzi fic: Fighting Ice with Fire

And here are a few of my favorites:

The Devil in Me (complete)
Sweet Amaretto and Death  (complete)
Tag Team  (complete)
Quarantine  (complete)
An Exercise in Futility (complete)
How Destiny Works (Or How It Doesn’t) (in-progress)
An Attack to the Senses (in progress)
Protector (in-progress)
There You Are (in-progress)
And I feel fine (complete)
The Morning After (complete)
I’ll place the moon within your heart (complete)

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White Light || Dyson/Kenzi


Preview of upcoming video :)

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Favorite character meme:
four relationships » Kenzi & Dyson

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So, did Dyson remate with Kenzi?
Cause I’m totally okay with that.

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Kenzi going off to sacrifice herself for everyone…

Dyson had to let her go, and he GROWLED as he watched.

He couldn’t stop her this time, couldn’t save her like he always did.

He had to let her go